Lit Light Sequences

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare xLights Sequence

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Turn your house into a full on rock show approved by the band themselves! This sequence was shared by Avenged Sevenfold on their own Facebook page and Instagram account. This one is sure to impress any fan that stops by your show!


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Model Type Description
Arch 1-3 Prop Individual Arch's
Archs Group All arch props or arch sub models
Bat Eyes Group The eyes for all bat props
Bat L/R Prop Individual Bat Props
Bats Group All bat props
Bats Spiders Group Group of all bats and spiders
ChromaSpider 1-3 Prop Individual Spiders
Driveway Left Prop Left yard outline
Entire Outline Group All outline pixels on the house and the yard
Front Tombstones Group Given 2 rows of tombstones laid out in front of each other this would be the front row
Full House Group Every single pixel in the display. All props / groups
Full House No Matrix Group Everything except for matricies
Full House No Pumpkin Group Everything except the main singing face
Full House No Singing Group Everything except all singing faces
G Side Matrix Group All vertical matricies
Icicles Group All icicles
Left Outlines Group All left roof outlines
Matricies Group All matrix props
Matrix Prop The main matrix
Pixel Stakes Group All pixel stakes
Pumpkin Icicle 1 -41 Prop Individual icicles
RGB Pumpkin Prop Main singing face
RGB Pumpkin/Submodels Prop Submodel on the main singing face
Right Outlines Group All right roof outlines
Roof Group All roof outlines
Roof Garage and Peaks Prop Individual outlines on the roof
Scary Tree L / R Prop Singing scary trees
Scary Tree L/Outline Prop Submodel of just the outline on the left scary tree
Spider Legs Group All Spider Legs
Spider Legs 1-8 Group Groups of individual legs on all spiders
Spider Marks Group Group of all spider markings and eyes
Spiders Group Group of all spider props
Tombstone 1-5 Prop Individual tombstone props
Tombstone Outlines Group All tombstone outline submodels
Tombstone RIPs Group All RIP text on tombstones
Tombstones Group All tombstone props
Tune To Prop Tune to sign
V Garage Left / Right Prop Individual vertical outlines on the garage
V Office Left / Right Prop Individual vertical outlines on the right side of the house
V Outline Group All vertical outlines
Yard Prop Yard outline on the right side of the house