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Lit Light Sequences

Taylor Swift Medley xLights Sequence

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Celebrate the year of the Eras Tour with our newly updated Taylor Swift xLights sequence! Now with a mega tree addition, bring the excitement of her music to your own front yard with a dazzling light show that includes 13 of her greatest hits.

The download includes the sequence package zipped up with a mapping guide spreadsheet. You'll need to unzip the file you download first before importing the sequence zip file into xLights.

Track List:

1) Look What You Made Me Do - 0:00
2) You Need to Calm Down - 1:07
3) We are Never Ever Getting Back Together - 1:37
4) Shake it Off - 2:22
5) ME! - 3:01
6) Love Story 3:28
7) Blank Space - 4:33
8) Bad Blood - 5:18
9) Style - 5:41
10) 22 - 6:02
11) I Knew You Were Trouble - 6:31
12) You Belong With Me - 7:21
13) ...Ready For It - 8:15


Mapping Guide:

Model Type Description
Arch 1 Prop Left Arch
Arch 2 Prop Right Arch
Archs Group All arch props or arch sub models
Boscoyo ChromaStar Prop Star above Mega Tree
C - Full House Group Every single pixel in the display. All props / groups
C - Full House No Singing Group Every single pixel in the display except for the singing face props.
C - Full House No Tree Group Every single pixel in the display except for the main singing face prop.
Driveway Left Prop Left yard outline
Entire Outline Group All outline pixels on the house and the yard
Flake 1 Prop Left most snowflake prop
Flake 2 Prop Middle snowflake prop
Flake 3 Prop Right most snowflake prop
Flake Line From Centers SubModel Straight line submodels on the outer flakes
Flake Icicle 1 - 39 Props In my video the flakes start on the far left of the house. Garage left is 1 - 7, garage right is 8 - 14, etc…
Flake Icicles Group All icicle props
Front Gifts Group Group of the front most gift props
G Side Matrix Group A group of the vertical matricies
GE Nut Kracka L/R Prop Nutcracker singing face props
Gifts Group Group of all gifts in the yard
House Outline Group Outline of the entire house not including yard outlines
Large Gift 1 Prop Middle sized gift prop
Large Gift 2 Prop Middle sized gift prop
Left Outlines Group All left roof outlines
Matricies Group Group of all matricies
Matrix Prop The main matrix
Matrix-L Prop Left vertical matrix
Matrix-R Prop Right vertical matrix
Mega Tree Prop The main mega tree
Nutcrackers Group Group of singing nutcrackers with a static face
Right Outlines Group All right roof outlines
Roof Group All roof outlines
Singing Tree Prop The main singing face prop
Singing Tree/Various SubModel Sub models for the eyes and tounge
Small Gift 1 Prop Small sized gift prop
Small Gift 2 Prop Small sized gift prop
Small Gift 3 Prop Small sized gift prop
Snowflakes Group All snowflakes
Star Left SubModel Left side of the mega tree star
Star Right SubModel Right side of the mega tree star
Tune To Prop Tune to sign
V Outline Group All vertical outlines
Wreath L/R Prop Left and Right wreathes
Wreaths Group All wreaths
XL Gift Prop Large sized gift prop
Yard Prop Yard outline on the right side of the house
Yard Outline Group All yard outlines